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A visit of Elisava Alumni to David Ruiz Studio


The renowned publicist and graphic designer David Ruiz opened the doors of his studio to a group of Alumni Bold. «It is said that a medieval person had the same visual impacts during his lifetime as we have during a day nowadays». How do we have to do in order to be seen and stopped? David Ruiz claims that «if you don’t thrill, you are dead».

The publicist explained during the visit a success story of ‘Bodegues Torres’ (‘Torres wine cellar’) “from its rough draft until its final project”. In this case, he went from an initial idea of media advertising placements in order to improve the image of its wines, to a completely innovative project consisting of the celebration of a real dinner with renowned guests from different artistic disciplines, specialised in photography, fashion design, cooking or architecture among others.

This successful project, which is still in progress, can be consulted in detail in this web.

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