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Two alumni of ELISAVA, among the 5 Spanish photographers that you must follow in Instagram


Pictures by Elisa Carnicer at her Instagram profile

Elisa Carnicer and Denisse García, both 28 years old and alumni of ELISAVA's Master in Photography and Design, are among the 5 young Spanish photographers that you must follow in Instagram, according to i-D, one of the Vice channels.

The media organized a contest two months ago, Talent i-D, to which more than 10,000 images were presented. The jury has chosen the winners taking into account the combination of originality, genuine style and a message hidden behind each image.

Elisa Carnicer

I want my images to transmit rarity, desire and irreverence, says Carnicer, currently a freelance fashion photographer who has appeared in independent magazines as Cake Magazine, Teeth, Client, Nasty o The Ones2Watch.

Carnicer has a natural style, romantic and unfiltered, riding between the analog and digital. "Usually there's a story in my images, I explore the rarity and the search for the strange in the common and the elegant, and I like to suggest more than to explain", she says.

Pictures by Denisse García at her Instagram profile

Denisse García

With a Degree in Fine Arts and alumni of ELISAVA's Master in Photography and Design, Denisse has also become a freelance photographer between music and fashion. "I love fashion, but the music has something special that connects me much more with what I'm going to photograph".

In that sense, her Instagram profile brings together an interesting mix of musicians from the underground scene and fashion editorials, but also self-portraits and captures of her trips. "I really like the idea that each eye and each mind sees an image in different ways", she adds. "Each person transmits something different, according to their culture or personal baggage. I think that's the power of images".

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