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Student projects shortlisted for La Capell 2018 call


The ELISAVA – La Capell Call 2018 ended last April 15th with a total of 25 received proposals. The jury, formed by Maria Visa (Elisava Alumni’s Board), Josep Puig (Elisava Alumni’s Advisory Board), Jordi Llopis (external expert) and Agustí Costa (in representation of La Capell), have valued several received proposals and have made the shortlist of the pre-selected projects:

  • Centvint, by Deyanira Carreón and Antón García
  • Sigh Plant Hanger, by Ester Clapés
  • Sigh Clothes Line, by Ester Clapés
  • Sigh Balcony Table, by Ester Clapés
  • Eiwood·Case, by Joan de la Plata
  • Imagina Paper, by Berta Hernández
  • Vou, by Aruba Iglesias
  • Sifó, by Cesc Mestres and Berta Estévez
  • Què tramam?, by Dàlia Nicolau
  • Citybutton, by Núria Nofrarias

The designers of these 10 products have to sent a sample, mock-up or prototype of their piece to ELISAVA in order to be evaluated by the jury during the week of May 22nd, when they will decide which are the selected pieces to be exhibited and sold at La Capell store at Plaça Nova in Barcelona.

Good luck to all of you!

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