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The Professional Edition Awards of ELISAVA recognize once again the talent born in the School


The 4th edition of the Professional Edition Awards of ELISAVA, given by the School in order to reward excellence, creativity and rigor of our master’s degree and postgraduate students, has had a very positive reception, with the participation of a total of 59 projects.

The jury, formed by Josep Bohigas (Barcelona Regional Director), Llorens Fluxà (Vice President of CAMPER), Victor Palau and Ana Gea (Graffica directors), Toni Segarra (publicist) and Javier Peña (General Director of ELISAVA), took into account in their judging criteria like the exploration of new formats, innovation in the execution of the projects or their commercial viability. We now review the winning projects.

Professional Edition Award in the Gold category

Fran & Frank

Authors: Idil Gücüyener and Amanda Kallin
Programme: Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design applied to Communication
Assessment of the jury: For refreshing the way of consumption of the product, with an holistic proposal excellently executed. A coherent approach in all its development -concept, naming, graphic design, packaging...-, which includes a communication with social aspect, a distinctive distribution and even associated products, in a crosscutting strategy of great commercial potential.

Professional Edition Award in the Silver category

My (M)other

Author: Alice Cannara
Programme: Master in Design and Photography
Assessment of the jury: For the ability to observe one's family with depth and sincerity, in a poetic and moving project about solitude and exploration of one’s identity. The author knows how to make the most of an intimate affair in an honest way, with a reflection that is timely to us to highlight the importance of the humanities in the educational curriculum.

Off Space

Authors: Natalie Franco, Virginia Gallo, Sara Guidi, Andrey Krel, Giulio Rampoldi, Sabrina Sturba, Ezequiel Aleixo Torea and Manuela Valtchanova.
Programme: Master’s Degree in Temporary Space Design
Assessment of the jury: For turning architecture into something experiential, creating a space that takes the user to other atmospheres and scenes without leaving the place. A project that was really implemented, providing an effective and by no means exaggerated solution to the problems of working with a sloping terrace, as well as using natural material such as wood.

Kinetic para Solac

Authors: Esther Alegret, María González, Elena Hernández, Zulay Herrera and Aitor Rodríguez.
Programme: Postgraduate in Product Concept
Assessment of the jury: For reconsidering the use of an item as the iron, showing new ways to employ it. Through a formulation and graphical presentation of great value, it manages to transform this common product in an object to purchase on impulse, which is attractive and appealing for everyone.

Audience Award

Hotel Cristal Palace

Authors: Daniel Viveros, Noelia Tavárez, Karina Rosario Peguero and Marcela García.
Programme: Postgraduate in Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling
By popular vote through an online application, the Audience Award if for this project that proposes a mixed space between the hotel and gallery of exhibitions and events with a visual continuity between the inside and the outside and in which the crystal interacts in interesting shapes with the sun.

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