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Pentawards 2017 recognizes the project 'Fuel Juice Co.' of the ELISAVAʼs students from the Master in Packaging


Once again this year, Pentawards Prizes 2017, one of the most prestigious international prizes, recognizes the work in the packaging design field. One of the awarded projects was the FUEL Juice Co. of the Master in Packaging Design of ELISAVA alumni Fernanda Madrigal, Nancy Nieto and Isabel Tabarini, who received this distinction in the Bronze category.

The project, which already won in the Liderpack Prizes 2016, is a packaging design of a premium range of organic juices resulting from the need to provide natural, organic and nutritional energy to consumers. For transmitting the high-quality and energy concepts, the project is inspired on the language and shapes from 1950ʼs fuel containers.

The Pentawards eleventh edition, which has been celebrated at the Hotel W in Barcelona, has had more than 2.000 attendees from 54 countries, which means an increase by 10% over the previous year.

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