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Pau Garcia and Arnau Bosch Vergés, among the best designers in the world


The DAC (Design Classifications 2010-2014) has chosen Pau Garcia, a former student of Design of ELISAVA, and Arnau Bosch Vergés, former student of the Postgraduate Diploma in Design and Communication Strategies, as the number 6 and 7, respectively, among the leading world Graphics and Visual Communication Designers.

This classification, focused on the design of the best Symbols, Logos, Typographies, Posters, Books and Page Layouts, 2D Packagings, among others, encompasses a total of 55 people and it is based on the number of awards received by the selected people.

Pau Garcia, founding member of Domestic Data Streamers, and Arnau Bosch, who works in Los Angeles at 72 and sunny as Assossiate Creative Director, are the only people from Spain in the DAC list.

Image above: Pau Garcia projects.
Lower image: Arnau Bosch's project for Alicia Rius Photography (

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