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Open call for ELISAVA – La Capell



ELISAVA and La Capell open this call with the aim of identifying 6 and 8 pieces of ELISAVA students and Alumni Bold to be exhibited and commercialized in the store LA CAPELL has in Plaça Nova in Barcelona (in front of the cathedral), where every year thousands of people pass by.

Don’t lose this amazing opportunity and send your proposals before 20th June 2016! For more information about how to participate, download the conditions here.

Within the mark of this call, Elisava Alumni organizes two training sessions about two subjects directly related to the same, these sessions have been thought specially for those people that want to participate in the cited call but are opened to the whole ELISAVA community:

  • “La autoproducción y el diseñador, claves para hacer real tu idea de producto” (“Self-production and the designer, keys to make your idea of product real”), the following 12th May carried out by Jordi Llopis. You can access the additional information about this session and make your entry through this link.
  • “Propiedad intelectual, pasos a tener en cuenta para proteger tu proyecto” (“Intelectual property, steps to bear in mind in order to protect your project”), carried out by Mario Sol. Date to be confirmed.

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