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Octavi Serra reinterprets the five projects that ELISAVA presents at Catalonia in Venice


Through his conceptual installations, the designer and Elisava Alumni Octavi Serra offers a critical view on the relation between man and nature. The objective: to invite us to take care of our environment.

This intervention is a conceptual reinterpretation of the five projects that ELISAVA presents at Catalonia in Venice, in the framework of the Venice Biennale 2018. Through a critical reflection of the understanding of nature as an unlimited exploitable resource, these installations focus on interaction, respect, coexistence, and the need for building a new balanced relationship between man and nature.



Concept: Through technology, the main aim is to exaggerate exorbitantly the disconnection between nature and the human being.

Nature is distrusted and perceived as a subversive element that needs to be controlled for the proper functioning of society. Product ridiculously useful when the water level sinks cities. It's a small oasis that allows the shipwrecked to rest.


Concept: This intervention aims to hang up the clothes in a different way: socks with pants and pants with t-shirts. By doing so, it looks like people have been hanged up and melted. It's a reflection on the importance of water in our lives.


Concept: Scenic representation of a not-too-distant future in which the water level will be a problem for many coastal towns. Claim for environmental respect.

It's an objective representation of the water level of the near future. It will be applied in a space in which it will be evident that this will suppose a problem. One possibility is to put a line from the river to a door. In this way, we'll get the idea in a very visual way that the water will enter the house and flood the house.

Sprying Mycellium

Concept: This work aims to represent a house built with nature. Nature will be used as unifying and constructing element.


Concept: This intervention is based on placing an inflatable bed with sheets and pillows right where the boats park. By doing so, we offer the possibility of getting into bed and let the sea and the water carry you with no specific direction. An exaggerated way of meditation.

Exaggerating the need for silence. Silence is needed and people is asked to call if they find it.

Check all the pictures at #DistopicProject

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