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A network of International Elisava Alumni Ambassadors is on


The Elisava Alumni community is very international. In fact, we have ex-students who currently live and work all over the world, London, New York, Bogotá, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Brisbane, Shangai or Milan, you name it. Aware of this reality, from Elisava Alumni we have been working for a year ago for promoting this international community and we have arranged networking meetings in London, Bogotá, and more recently, New York.

Besides, since last September, a network of International Alumni Ambassadors has been enabled, in which we have identified Alumni acting as references in several countries.

The aim of these ambassadors is to gather the local and international Alumni community, and to promote the exchange and collaboration between ex-students and those ones who are now developing their professional career in several, but complementary fields.

Since starting this program, we have the support of Adrián Marín from Costa Rica and Vitoria Lang in Sao Paulo. Also with Jose Fernando Sanchiz in Panamà.

We are sure this network will continue to grow and will help us to facilitate the connection of our Alumni locally and internationally.

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