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Laberinx, the first videogame designed by the alumni and teacher of ELISAVA Àlex Casabò


Àlex Casabò, Elisava Alumni of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design and teacher of ELISAVA, has just designed and developed his first videogame, Laberinx, through his own company Cosmik Games.

Laberinx is an indie platform game set in an abstract universe where the goal is to avoid crashing with asteroids and enemies. The game has 4 levels of difficulty set in different planets of the solar system: the Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. With the coin pickup, you can gain access to them, as well as unblock new characters and ships. The game, which has a soundtrack composed to measure, has a high and simple playability: by just dragging your finger on the screen, our ship will move to the direction we indicate.

Laberinx is available for iPhone and Android and has reached the second place in the Apple lists regarding free arcade games and race games.

Liesten to the programme of Catalunya Ràdio ‘Generació Digital’ of March 26th in which they talk about the game Laberinx here

More info about Laberinx on

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