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La Capell will sell new products by students and Alumni of ELISAVA


Last May 31st, the jury formed by Jordi Ros and Josep Puig (in representation of Elisava Alumni), Agustí Costa (in representation of La Capell) and Jordi Llopis (external expert and Alumni of ELISAVA) examined and valued the suitability of the pre-selected pieces in the ELISAVA – La Capell call 2017, in order to be exhibited and sold at La Capell, the store of Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya.

The jury selected the following products:

  • Soft Tiles by Maurizio Capannesi
  • NCCJEWELS by Naida Camarasa Castel
  • TAKEME by Nina Dubarry
  • MINEA by Angela Fernández-Liedo
  • SOO by Gemma Galceran
  • Colección Argentina by Maria Pereyra
  • ALBA by Enrique Rubio and Jonathan Oria

After examining the several pieces sent by the pre-selected designers, the members of the jury chose these products and expressed their satisfaction with the general level of the proposals submitted in this call.

The call, organized by Elisava Alumni, will be held annually.

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