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Jose Fernando Sanchiz, from Panama, new International Alumni Ambassador


The network International Alumni Ambassadors, created last September by Elisava Alumni, keeps growing.

The most recent incorporation to this network is Jose Fernando Sanchiz, from Panama. This 26 year old architect and co-founder of the design studio Pentagrama (, studied the ELISAVA's Master in Interior Design in 2017.

Sanchiz explains: "Something that I learned when I was working and studying in Spain is that, in terms of design, there's still a lot to do in Panama, even though the talent is already there. For this reason, I believe that , in order to exploit it, there are certain changes, ideas, risks and opportunities that we should take and develop". About the task of being an International Alumni Ambassador, Sanchiz adds: "This is one of the opportunities that life offers you and you can get to help not only the development of the profession, but also people in need".

The objective of the ambassadors such as Jose Fernando is to unite the local Alumni community and promote the exchange and cooperation between our former students that are currently developing their professional careers in different countries.

Get more details about the International Alumni Ambassadors here.

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