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JIB-STER wins the 2014 Golden ADI Medal



The «JIB-STER» project for snowboard boards and skis, developed by Adrià Pedrosa, student of Engineering, has been awarded with the 2014 Golden ADI Medal given by the Association of Industrial Design of the FAD (ADI-FAD) on Thursday 11 July in the Design Hub Barcelona.

Adrià’s Final Degree Project consists in a new design of the side cuts and the sidewalls of the snowboard and the skis that minimizes and absorbs the damages produced by the impacts with equipment components or with facilities conditioned for the modality of snowboarding known as jibbing.

Nowadays, the 80% of the snowboard boards and skis used when practicing jibbing can no longer be used due to the damage in the side cuts and the sidewalls. During his Final Degree Project, that was tutored by Javier Peña, Adrià Pedrosa carried out an study to know what are the most susceptible zones to break or to deteriorate and investigated which materials could solve the problem. The JIB-STER technology allows to increase the impact absorption in a 70% and disperses the tensions in a 35%.

The jury of the 2014 ADI Medals chose the project by the student of the School “for being a good solution to an existing problem, with a search of the problems and the elements for its development. It is a complete project, a great improvement in a specific field, which means that the product will be long lasting. It has been explored in all its dimensions, from the product design, the graphic design and the economic factors”.

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Apart from the award that Adrià has received, two more projects by ELISAVA students were finalists of the competition.

One of these projects is Hunch, carried out by the students of the Degree in Design Saúl Baeza and Raquel Llaberia. «Hunch» is a studio / workshop located in Barcelona, interested in textile research and in the decontextualization of industrial materials through new creation processes. The two former students of the School question paradigms of the textile universe such as steams and classic structures in fabrics tailoring. They blur the lines between disciplines such as product, fashion or art. «Hunch» work area goes from research, design and production of its own pieces to research for enterprises or collaborations with different studios or institutions.



The other ELISAVA finalist Project is «Eggshell», by the Design student Marina Parramon. Marina’s project has a main goal: “research in organic waste products”. Eggshell is the result of an experimentation process whose aim is to transform organic waste materials, such as eggshells, into new materials of higher quality and environmental value. Thanks to the project, the negative costs of large concentrations of waste become valuable products.


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