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Former students win the One Day Design Challenge competition


Àlex Casabó and Enric Garriga, former students of the Degree in Engineering in Instrustrial Design in ELISAVA, have won the third edition of the Roca One Design Challenge with the «Capsule 3» project.

The One Day Design Challenge took place the 18th of October simultaneously in Barcelona and Madrid and challenged design students and young professionals under 30 to create bathroom spaces for temporary use in crowded places, such as concerts or public parties. The real challenge, though, was the time factor: the participants had to design their proposals in the record time of one day.

The winning project, «Capsule 3», consists of some units that are adaptable among themselves, easy to transport and with capacity for three users at the same time. Additionally, it’s worth pointing out the commitment to the environment: the proposal of the former students of the School takes into account the water saving, given that the toilet reuses the water previously used by the users to wash their hands.

Alex and Enric have been selected among other 192 proposals presented in the competition, according the jury, for “considering a bathroom space unit of temporary use, stackable and easy to transport”. This is the third time that the members of the Innovation Lab of Roca believe in the talent of young professionals educated in our School. In the first edition, in 2012, three projects from former students were finalists and the following year, three projects were winners and finalists.

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