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ENOTEST, winner at the OE-A Demonstrator Competition



The «ENOTEST», project of the students of the Degree in Engineering of Industrial Design Júlia Camprubí, Ariadna López and Ventura Portabella, has won the audience award of the 2015 OE-A Demonstrator Competition. Organic and Printed Electronics Association is the association of the international leading industry of organic electronics and printed electronics.

«ENOTEST» is a product for people who want to improve their understanding of wine. The sensors manufactured by printed electronics which are inside the cup enable the user to see the features of wine: pH, temperature, colour, clearness, sugar and the % of alcohol. The reader and indicator of the features consist of a tablecloth which contains a RFID reader and a semi-rigid battery which are connected to each other by a conductive-ink circuit.

Printed electronics are essential for the progress of wearable and nearable systems. It makes it possible to manufacture electronic products that are flexible, light, fine, portable, cheaper, take less time to be produced and entail a lower consumption than the conventional ones made of silicon.

This technology is not only replacing the manufacture of conventional electronic devices, but also the source of inspiration for the conceptualization of new appliances and new markets.

«ENOTEST» has been developed from the collaboration between ELISAVA and CETEMMSA, Technological Centre.

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