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ELISAVA and FGC initiate a pilot testing for improving the users’ experience in the platforms


ELISAVA and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) has just initiated a pilot testing consisting of the installation of supports for resting the backs when users are waiting in the station platforms. These supports, so-called 25º ‒you may test them already at Provença station‒ allows you to rest the back, and creates a more comfortable, healthy and balanced body position.

25º, designed by Antonio Bustamante, ELISAVA professor, and Marc Llagostera, Alumni and industrial designer, are the result of an extensive research process in which tutors and students of ELISAVA have analyzed in depth the user’s experience.

When you lean the back, muscles from each side of the backbone relax, and it results in a spine stretching, while the support reorganized the tension of the paravertebral muscles for inducing to a balanced posture. On the basis of the 25 degrees at the top part, the support shape adapts to the body through a variable tilt, thanks to several studies in individuals from different body sizes and complexions. The pilot testing at Provença station includes metal pieces in blue color that are fixed to the wall, it occupies a minimal space and it does not represent any obstacle for the users. It also includes an explanatory mural made by ELISAVA.

FGC and ELISAVA, leading the ergonomic innovation

In the case the prototypes pass the pilot testing, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya will be the first operator to include a new furniture in its facilities.

The project is part of the collaboration agreement between the School and the entrepreneurial and institutional environment. 25º wants to promote a common project with FGC, a benefit for its customers, but also for innovation and research linked to the urban furniture designed.

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