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Domestic Data Streamers, alumni of ELISAVA that return to the School as professors


Domestic Data Streamers' team with their project «Time Machine» at United Nations headquarter.

The collective Domestic Data Streamers, whose members comprise several ELISAVA Alumni, come back this year to our school as associate professors of the Postgraduate in Design and Communication Strategies of ELISAVA, where they will offer a workshop about their work with Camper this month of November.

Domestic Data Streamers are a communication lab of Barcelona that are quickly making a place for themselves in the science and communication field thanks to their novel way of telling stories. On the big rise of Big Data, this emerging company dedicates itself on interpreting complex pieces of information through what they have called as “infoexperiencies”, experiences that visualize pieces of information, sometimes in the form of artistic intervention. “It is a matter of turning pieces of information in emotional experiences in order to make the information more comprehensive and to empathize with what’s being told”, explains Pau García, ELISAVA Alumni and young founder of the collective.

The United Nations and time travel

The start-up from Barcelona recently took the media when presenting before the UN, the installation «Time Machine», made as an UNICEF order. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, was the first to get on this “time capsule” that allows travelling to the childhood.

The aim is to raise awareness about how thousand of kids around the world are still abandoned to their fate because of the lack of information about their situation in some countries, something vital in order to be able to create customized programmes that improve their lives. The main goal of «Time Machine» is to achieve the agreement of the global leaders with the assigned goals on Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Details of Domestic Data Streamers' project «Time Machine».

This imaginative installation elaborates a survey made to stimulate the fondest memories of the person who enters the machine, like for example who was their first love, their childhood friends or what they wanted to be when they grew up. This way, the distant memory becomes a close and relived reality on this same moment. Furthermore, every answer supposes a musical parameter (tone, harmony or rhythm), generating a unique and customized song. A symbolic agreement is also with the answers between the kid they once were and the current adult, who is exposed together with the «Time Machine».

The installation can be visited until September 30th 2016 in the lobby of the New York UN Headquarters.

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