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Discover PIKS, a toy designed by the alumni Hansel Schloupt that stimulates the imagination of the little ones


Children today are often too absorbed by the screens, have difficulty concentrating and do not develop their creativity sufficiently. You just have to give them the chance to stimulate your little brains while having fun. That is the bet of, a new brand of toys by the ambassador of Elisava Alumni in France, Hansel Schloupt.

O P P I ® now presents PIKS, a balance game that combines design and education and stimulates the imagination and creativity of the little ones. A game of playful balance, with multiple combinations of form and color and inspired by scientific studies to build a creative alternative to concentration disorders.

PIKS offers countless combinations: vertical, horizontal or through. The objective is that, from the silicone cones and the wooden panels that make up the game, the children can create the most impressive and original structure without falling. Players can follow proposed models (towers, houses, animals, characters ...) or let fly their imagination.

Do you like the idea? Participate in its crowdfunding campaign!

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