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Discover the designers trained in ELISAVA who market products in La Capell


The first ELISAVA-La Capell call was launched in spring 2016 with the objective to contribute and give support to the products designed by our students and Alumni. This annual call gives the ELISAVA community an exhibiting space at the store of the Cooperativa d’Arquitectes Jordi Capell where the selected products are sold.

The 2016 edition, a total of 5 products of Alumni were selected. Underneath you will find their presentation together with their designers:

Molinetes, by Adriana Díaz

A collection born from the diversity of combinations that a paper geometrical grid offers to the author. With the will of making the most out of a shape, the result are little windmill of dynamic shapes that recall simplified flowers, and that makes us remember good childhood memories. Made out of silver, oxidized silver or gold-plated silver.

Woody Tic Tac Toe. Drinking set, by Antón García Seoane and Agustina Garrigou

It is a functional and fun kitchen accessory. Besides of being used as a tray, it is a tic-tac-toe game. The base, wood carved in beech, reproduces geometrical shapes slightly smoothed. The shot glasses are made out of clay and their inside glaze, in two different colours, are the game’s tokens.

Les làmpades de Fos Project, by Octavi Serra and Clara Romaní

Handmade with 100% recycled plastic from bags and packages. They are part of the eco-design initiative “Fos project”, a creative process based on plastic recycling from which they obtain unique pieces and encourage ecological awareness.

El #1 de los Objetos Decorativos, by Rosa Rubio

Within the project “Los Objetos Decorativos”, whose will is to produce objects that would make us express our admiration. It is part of a piece collection thought for the cleanliness and care of our environment.

ARC, by Pau Homs

It complements the nightstand of the bedroom and allows visually keeping the bookpage, which encourages finishing the book. It also has a side tweezers that fastens the book during the reading.

In addition to these 5 products, selected this year in the call ELISAVA - La Capell, you will also find pieces by Mireia Rius, Gerard Arqué and Agustina Garrigou, also Alumni from ELISAVA.

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