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Direct printing on ceramics to transform the family business


3D printing on ceramics is a trending technique that is currently revolutionizing many industries. Martí Baltà, Elisava Alumni of the Degree in Design, is the CEO of BCN 3D Ceramics, a digital modelling and prototyping company specialized in direct printing on ceramics.

The project was born when Martí, who is also in charge of the family workshop dedicated to artistic ceramics Ceràmica Baltà, considered that the company needed a new branch that would offer new possibilities to clients and provide an extra source of income. For this reason, in 2014 he decided to buy the first SLA printer "hoping to apply the technology to the workshop by generating plastic pieces to subsequently make ceramic moulds", he recalls.

It wasn't until 2016 that he had the first direct ceramic printing machines, and he soon realized that this was "a niche market full of possibilities. In fact, the workshop's customer target has changed and has gone from individuals, town halls and artists, to designers, engineers and architects. "Currently, and without wanting to, direct ceramic printing and digital moulding are taking up 99% of all the work we do", he says.

In the company, each project responds to a different method, material and technology. They offer various services in the field of traditional ceramics, as well as direct ceramic printing on terracotta, stoneware, porcelain, alumina or silicon dioxide. They also have a line of their own materials, developed in the workshop's laboratory, which allows them to adapt ceramic prints to specific engineering demands.

In the workshop they cover most of the existing techniques in 3D printing, working with binder jetting, SLA/DLP and LDM. "After 3 years working with the different technologies we have been able to assess what deficiencies each one has in order to be a better tool and thus respond effectively to customer needs," explains Martí, who sees himself as the main challenge "to achieve a workshop equipped in the most optimal way to give the best possible service to customers in terms of quality, price and knowledge".

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