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A’ Design Awards


Maurizio Capannesi, former student of the Postgraduate Diploma in Furniture Design given by ELISAVA, has been awarded with two A’ Design Awards for the projects «Tako Lamp» and «Hermanas».

«Tako Lamp» , winner of the Golden A’ Design Award for Lighting Products and Projects Design, is a table lamp inspired by the Spanish cuisine. Tako means octopus in Japanese. Both of the bases remind of the wooden platters in which the Galician-style octopus is served, while their shape and the stretchable band evoke a bento, the Japanese traditional lunchbox. The pieces are assembled without screws, so they are easy tp set-up. The holes drilled in the base and top pieces allow the air to flow in order to avoid overheating.

The«Hermanas» wooden candle holder family , has been awarded with a Silver A’ Design Award for Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design. The project aspiration is to create a cosy environment. Each candle holder has a unique height, so the combination of them all simulates the candle lighting effect.

A’ Design Awards are the Milan-based international design awards that encompass a great range of categories. The contest is aimed at designers and companies, and one of its goals is to give the widest diffusion to the chosen projects.

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