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'Buy Yourself', a new app to shop without queues by the Elisava Alumni Pablo Serrano


Picture the typical moment: a Saturday afternoon. You have eventually decided what garment or item you are going to buy in one of your usual shops and, when paying, you find a 20-person queue.

This scene could be a part of the past very soon. How? With the new app Buy Yourself, co-founded by the Elisava Alumni of the MUDIC Pablo Serrano; an App to shop without queues that is already available on Android and on iOS for just a few days ago.

How does it work?

Buy Yourself has a technology that allows the client to mark and pay the items he wants by disconnecting the alarms once the payment is made. This can be done by using his Smartphone and an app installed in it. The pilot trial will be made soon at stores in Madrid and Barcelona and the purchases may be made in any of the stores associated to the app.

According to the company, Buy Yourself is a system of smart alarms designed to buy without having to go to the cash register that “gives the users a distinguishing buying experience and encourages the abilities of a physical store with all advantages of electronic trade”.

It also “allows the traditional shops to gain a valuable information about their buyers (who they are, which searches they do, their purchase history, etc.)”, something that it was a competitive disadvantage from their online rivals until now. With this it also wants to contribute to the millionaire losses in business of the Retail sector.

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