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The book 'Eco Packaging Now' includes a project of ELISAVA's Master in Packaging Design


The book Eco Packaging Now, edited this 2016, talks about the project «La Boqueria Packaging», by Paula Sánchez, Laia Truque and Miriam Vilaplana, alumni of the Postgraduate in Graphic Design and Structural Packaging Design of ELISAVA. The book has been published in several countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Corea and much of the European Union.

The aim of «La Boqueria Packaging» project was to improve the current plastic-glass package used in the Boqueria market to serve fresh sliced fruit, on the ecologic and sustainable line that countries like France start to promote, which would stop manufacturing and selling plastic cutlery at short notice.

As the package is a disposable product and the main consumers are tourists and wanderers who visit this most popular market in Barcelona, the package produces a huge amount of trash. Therefore, the objective was to make a more eco-friendly package.

Inspired by origami, with refined paper, the authors have supported the idea of creating a package for the fresh fruit, which is both an easy-to-assemble package and customizable, ergonomic, single-material and respectful with the environment.

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