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BoO Barcelona launches an innovative carbon fiber pencil


Carbonara is the first pencil in which carbon fiber has a mechanical purpose beyond aesthetics.

A mechanical pencil designed with the concept of a reverse clamp in mind. The pressure exerted on the carbon cylindrical body allows the regulation of the lead with the separation of an aluminum tip. While not in use, the lead is firmly fixed in the grooved part of the tip. The main feature of Carbonara is the use of carbon fiber as a distinctive material, along with a new innovative gripping system for the lead. The lightness and the excellent mechanical properties of the material added to the design brought about a truly surprising result- resistant, flexible, light and durable while still maintaining a refined and elegant look.

If you want to help giving life to the Carbonara, you can contribute through the Kickstarter platform!

The backers who want to make Carbonara a reality can collaborate through various types of contributions, in exchange, they will be able to receive a Carbonara before it officially hits the market.

The BoO Barcelona team, led by Miquel Tejero, Alumni Bold and professor of Elisava, has the participation of another Elisava Alumni like Gerard Arqué, Oriol Gener and the student intern Cristina Rodriguez. Boo in Barcelona is advised by Valentí Acconcia, also professor of the School.

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