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Best of 2014 Design: Electronic Traces


«Electronic Traces», the final degree project carried out by the former student of the Degree in Design of ELISAVA Lesia Trubat, has been chosen among the 15 best stories of design of 2014 by the Domus magazine.

«Electronic Traces» makes it possible to translate the ephemeral beauty of ballet into a digital universe and to transform it into visual, tactical and haptic sensations. The project consists of the incorporation of one electronic device in the pointe shoes which traces the movements and transforms them into visual representations thanks to an application for mobile phones. The sensors of the device register both the displacement of the feet of the dancer and their pressure on the floor.

The data is processed by a Lilypad Arduino microcontroller of 50 millimetres located on the ankle and sent digitally to an electronic device. Subsequently, an application for mobile phones is in charge of representing visually the movement and the pressure coordinates and it also makes it possible to personalise its visualization and to export all the information in video or image format.

Lesia Trubat’s project has also deserved to be on the “The best of the year!” list created by the Experimenta magazine.

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