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We are glad to introduce you to Rubén Cruz! Discover his professional career and inspirations! Rubén is willing to share with us his relationship with design and connect with the Alumni community.

You were born in  

You live in
In a small seaside town called Premià de Dalt (Barcelona)

Your graduation year
I studied the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic and Interactive Design in Elisava and I graduated at 2018. This year I finished the Master in Design and Art Direction.

You work at
As soon as I finished my Master's Degree, me and my partner (Diana Núñez) founded Benana, a creative communication and artistic direction studio based in Barcelona. It was born with the aim to offer unique, attractive and thoughtful solutions around strategic communication. We work balancing concept and aesthetic, trying to unify the corporate messages so that they establish a direct and sensitive connection with the client.

You're inspired by
Everything I’m surrounded by. I’m an observer, and it’s impossible to know when or where inspiration might come.  

Your idols are
It’s difficult to say names. Depending on the field, I can name one person or other, but all have in common its persistence, effort and a touch of “wild” obsession for everything they do. Right now in the three-dimensional field I would say Antoni Tudisco, a great source of inspiration. I admire the art director Virgil Abloh for everything he has achieved.

Your best memory of Elisava
A lot. One of them would be the professional network of Elisava: colleagues, professors, collaborators… Another one is the information, news and events feedback, that keep you update, feeling that you can learn something new every day.

One good thing you learnt at Elisava
I learnt to go step by step, to understand brands, to teach them how to speak and communicate, to give a relevant value at investigation and to build a strategy supported by solid foundations.

A good advice
Don’t stop learning. We can learn lessons from almost everything, every moment, every way. You cannot pass up a good opportunity.

About your professional experience in a few words
Working in Barcelona opens a lot of professional doors and generates new perspectives. Now I am reaching my dreams, the founding of my new communication studio, Benana Creative Studio, among others. 

Connect with him! 
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