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We are glad to introduce you to Ivonne Mojica! Discover her professional career and inspirations! Ivonne is willing to share with us her relationship with design and connect with the Alumni community. 

You were born in
San Salvador, El Salvador.

You live in
San Francisco, California.

Your graduation year
2017, first year of the MaDE (Masters in Advanced Design and Entrepreneurship). 

You work at
At Directly as a chatbot and content coach, although in a changing process. Directly is a company focused on automating customer service using AI and Machine Learning. The differentiating aspect of Directly (Zendesk or Salesforce) is that it hires consumers who know the product so well that with time they become experts. These experts are paid to answer questions from other customers, and with these answers the system is also trained to do it automatically later. This reduces the amount of agent-time in the company, while maintaining customer satisfaction and resolution rate.
You're inspired by
My books, BOF podcasts, history documentaries, Argentinean movies, reading/listening to stories about women leaders in tech and fashion –Elpha and The Wing give access to these stories.

Your idols are
Lately Estefanía Lacayo, the founder of the Latin American Fashion Summit –she understands the meaning of hustling–, Carmen Busquets, Jordi Nomen –her book El Niño Filósofo made a big impact on me–, Paquita Salas –the mother of reinvention– and my husband –the dude is really smart.

Your best memory of Elisava
Our trips to Rotterdam as a class and the opportunity to meet talented people like Francesc Aragall, Pablo Quintano, Tati Guimaraes and René Vieveen, to learn from them and ask them for mentorship.

One good thing you learnt at Elisava
Not to take a step without knowing who my "person" is and to learn by heart their journey through the different points of contact with my brand; I have the Business Model Canvas very interiorised.

A good advice
Know your story so well that you can connect the dots, so that the listener perceives that everything you have experienced has led you to that moment. And if you want to be the best at something, you have tobe obsessed with it. Extra: Don't take yourself so seriously, but be honest and intentional about what you really want, say you want and do.

About your professional experience in a few words
A constant need to learn about the behavioral sciences, the clothing industry and technology that has led me to work in fashion, CPG and tech. My current goal is to work with extremely talented people, to learn from them and constantly challenge myself. With this experience and network, I want to help Latino designers compete on a global level.
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