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We are glad to introduce you to Ana Gomez Bernaus! Discover her professional career and inspirations! She is willing to share with us her relationship with design and connect with the Alumni community. 

You were born in

You live in
Los Angeles

Your graduation year
I graduated in 2002

You work at
I’m a freelance; working on both TV and print advertising projects for clients like Adobe, Converse, Listerine, SnapChat, and on editorial pieces for publications like Los Angeles Magazine or The Washington Post. I’m also on the Type Directors Club board of directors. As their California member, my focus is on bringing TDC events to the West Coast to increase membership value and promote typography in this part of the country.

You’re inspired by
I find inspiration in the work of artists, designers and craftsmen, but also in what surrounds me. My focus is on illustrative lettering and, for each project, I analyze what the word I am working with means, and how I can communicate that meaning not only with the word itself, but also with the way it looks. For that reason, the elements that inform my work are diverse.

Your idols are
I love the work of Doyald Young and Tony DiSpigna; their understanding of letterforms is exquisite. Herb Lubalin, Tom Carnase and Lance Wyman’s lettering pieces opened the field to new horizons, making the characters elastic and playful. Takenobu Igarashi’s sculptural understanding of type is also a great referent. I also admire Wes Wilson’s and Victor Moscoso’s psychedelic posters and Alphonse Mucha’s intricated illustrations, as well as Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley’s visual experiments. There are so many great artists to learn from.

Your best memory of Elisava
I can’t point to a specific moment, but to a general feeling instead. I have always known that I wanted to work in the creative field. Elisava was the first place where each class was interesting and sparked my curiosity. It was a very energizing period, and besides giving me the tools to become a graphic designer, it also gave me that fire of excitement I always feel when I get a new briefing. 

One good thing you learnt at Elisava 
A mix of creative and structural thinking. Besides the emotional part of my work, I always rely on an invisible architecture that holds my compositions in place. Even when the work seems totally organic, it always follows a type of grid. In the same way, the backend of my process is also organized. I follow the same system of folders in each job, a consistent file naming convention so I can always find what I’m looking for, and a presentation style that is clean and clear. 

A good advice 
Always be interested in learning. The field evolves; the types of clients change; we get new tools with which we can experiment. I feel so lucky to have this as my job. I work hard, but I find it interesting and fulfilling each day, and that is also due to the fact that I want to improve. With that curiosity comes a type of energy born from discovery that is, honestly, a lot of fun. 

About your professional experience in a few words 
It has paid off to take risks. In my last year in Elisava I took an internship at a design boutique called Zeligmedia. A couple of years later, my boss decided to take a year off and asked one of my colleagues and me if we wanted to take on the company. We said yes. I was 23 years old. In 2008 I felt I needed something more, and in January 2009 I moved to NYC, to start over. In 2012 I moved to LA, to further my career. In each one of these moves there have been tough moments, but with each one I reached a new level and in each one a greater sense of happiness coming from my craft. 

Let's connect with her! 
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