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We are glad to introduce you to Alejandra Martí! Discover her professional career and inspirations! Alejandra is willing to share with us her relationship with industrial design engineering and connect with the Alumni community. 

You were born in  

You live in
Modena, Italy

Your graduation year
I graduated in 2017 from Simultaneous Studies, and I took a postgraduate course at La Marca, Núcleo de la Comunicación in the 2018-19 academic year.

You work at
I currently work at Ferrari as Development Manager for the windscreen wipers and window lifters of all the brand's GT models.
You're inspired by
I'm very curious and I look at how things are done and how they work. I could say that inspiration is in everything around me, and anything can inspire me to solve a problem or to come up with a new idea.

Your idols are
No one person in particular, but rather all those who fight for what they want without giving up, no matter how many obstacles they encounter along the way. The constancy and the strength to keep going are aspects that I admire very much.

Your best memory of Elisava
After all these years here, I can’t think about one in particular. I personally loved the hours we spent in the workshop making prototypes by ourselves, we became handymen for weeks (although there were times when it was only a couple of days), until they were perfect.

One good thing you learnt at Elisava
To get organized so I can get to everything. I remember that at the time I took the postgraduate course I was still working 8 hours and I wasn’t able to do all the things I wanted. I still don't know how I managed it.

A good advice
Have a good attitude! The desire to learn, positivism and a good attitude can serve you much more than a thousand years of experience, but never forget to work hard because, at least for me, they go in lockstep.

About your professional experience in a few words
My work experience can be summarised as short but very specialised, as I have been involved in windscreen wiper systems since I started working in the sector two and a half years ago. I started to work from a very technical perspective that allowed me to know very well how they work, so that I could then move on to work in the field of innovation and develop a patent. Those two years of specialization have allowed me to be in the position I am in today.

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