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Alumni - «Nankin Lab» obtains an A’ Design Award


The «Nankin Lab» project by the former students of the ELISAVA Degree in Design Pau Garcia Sánchez and Pol Trias Coca has been awarded with a Platinum A’Design Award in the Visual Communication Design category.

«NankinLab» is a design studio that recreates sensations linked to destruction. We experiment pleasure when we contemplate the demolition of a building, when we tear a paper in half or when we make a balloon explode, and all these images carry a high degree of velocity and intensity. At «NankinLab» we perceive the destruction as a constructive tool, as it is used for generating new projects. The prestigious international awards have perceived the essence of the Final Study Project by the two former students of the School and for this reason it has been awarded with the highest recognition of its category.

The A’Design Awards take place annually and award the best designers, architects, engineers and design studies from all over the world so as to provide them with publicity, fame and recognition. The projects’ innovation, technology, design and creativity are especially taken into account.

We need to remember that the «NankinLab» project also received a Bronze Laus Award in 2013 and that it was selected to participate at the 24th edition of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont.

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