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Adriana Esperalba: from Elisava to dress an Oscar film

Photo of 'Parasite' movie. Source: Bobo Choses.

Adriana Esperalba, Elisava Alumni of the Higher Diploma in Design, got a surprise when, in the cinema, she discovered that some of the children's clothing pieces she had designed appeared in 'Parasites', the recently awarded South Korean film for Best Picture.

This fact demonstrates the unstoppable growth of Bobo Choses, the children's fashion company led by Adriana. As she explains, the brand, which also has lines for adults, was born with the aim of "creating imaginary worlds for children to explore their creativity, playing and enjoying life. In fact, each collection has its own story and then it becomes an illustrated tale."

After 12 years running, Bobo Choses produces half a thousand pieces a year and is present in more than 500 stores in 44 countries. The 90% of the products are exported outside Spain, with Asia as its main market. "I don't know why, but the way they understand fashion and combine clothes is very different from the one in here. From the beginning, we wanted to be a unisex, cheerful and colourful brand, and I think all these values fit in with the Asian world".

Before setting up this business, Adriana spent six years at the advertising agency Paradigma until, together with a co-worker, she decided to start her own graphic design and communication studio: Otto&Olaf. "The studio was going well, but we were always joking and saying we'd like to make a collection of T-shirts. We knew almost nothing about fashion, but it was a world that attracted us," she recalls.

First Bobo Choses collection

It wasn't until three years later, pregnant with her first child, that Adriana realised that she didn't like the clothes she saw in the stores and they stop joking and start designing the first Bobo Choses collection: "we kept the two companies active for some time; the design studio financed the new children's clothing project. At first we were only three people, but every collection doubled sales and, little by little, the team has grown to this day, and now we are thirty-five."

In addition, one of the priorities from the beginning is that the company was responsible with the environment: the 93% of its production is local (74% in Catalonia, 19% in Portugal) and the 100% of the cotton they use is organic. Now that they have even reached the Oscar, as future challenges, Adriana aspires to keep the company growing in a sustainable way, "keep on working on the sustainability of the collections, and reach the child, whether it is through clothing, stories or workshops and activities we organise in the store we opened at the end of 2018 in El Born.”

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