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ADI Medals 2018 recognize three projects of ELISAVA students


Once again, the ADI Medals 2018 have awarded different Degree, Master and Postgraduate projects created in ELISAVA. On this occasion, our students have won medals in the Silver and Bronze categories, as well as a mention.

Silver category

Melit, by Adrià Margall Planella
Tutors: Danae Esparza, Salvador Fàbregas, Xavier Tutó
Studies: Simultaneous Studies

Description: Melit aims to raise awareness of the importance of bees and their drastic disappearance during the last years. In order to do so, a starter kit has been designed to foster apiculture in the urban setting, composed by a modular beehive to get organic honey. This project is aimed at environmentally-concerned people who are willing to promote social awareness on the extinction of bees and to cooperate in the improvement of the city's green areas.

Bronze category

Without, de Marta Torrentó i Serra
Tutor: Raquel Llaberia
Studies: Degree in Design

Description: Without is a collection of products generated from three different unions that allow to auto attach textiles and provide them with personality. The main characteristic of the project is 'without': without sewing, without seams, without additional materials. Its objective: to transform the 2D laser cut in textiles 3D in a more creative and interesting way.


Aux!, de Inés Antón Losada
Tutor: Josep Puig
Studies: Master in Product Design and Development

Description: Aux! proposes an auxiliary flotation system for children. This project is a response to the need for preventing child refugees from drowning during their sea crossing.

About ADI Medals

Created in 1976 as a parallel call of the ADI-FAD Delta Awards, the ADI Medals had the objective of contributing to the creation of bridges between the industrial and the academic world. These long-established awards are a benchmark in our country's world of design that aims to foster future talent of the younger generations.

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