Introducing the new designs Elisava-La Capell 2023

Last Monday, December 4, the Elisava-La Capell 2023 presentation took place at La Capell. This event showcased new products developed from the call for entries launched last March. These design objects, now integrated into the catalog of La Cooperativa d’Arquitectes Jordi Capell, offer an extraordinary option for those seeking original and distinctive gifts.

One of the highlighted projects recently included is CURVO, a mobile designed by Agustina Vieites and Sergio Conches. This design is inspired by the shape of the circumference, achieving an exceptional geometric synthesis. CURVO is a flat curve that, through its succession, generates all the elements necessary for movement. This synthesis is reflected in the main expressions of the circumference: sphere, circle, ellipse, and line, which, when weighted, curve harmoniously. The mobile presents a delicate materiality and chromatic, creating a double weathervane that, along with the reflections and transparencies of its pieces, produces a subtle dance of light and shadow around the composition.

Another piece that deserves attention is PAMI, a lamp for auxiliary furniture designed by the team of Berta Albiac, Queralt Font, and Albert Roca. This lamp warmly illuminates the space and, thanks to its versatility, enhances the selected decorative objects. With its small size and vertical design, PAMI is easily portable and takes up little space, perfectly adapting to any environment. Each slat of the lamp has a brass rod inserted, distributing electricity throughout the structure, and providing uniform and harmonious lighting at each level of the piece and in the surrounding space.

PORTION ASHTRAY, a creation by Laura Palacios, is a modular ashtray consisting of four pieces designed to be shared and enjoyed in a group. Made of beech wood and protected with a fire-retardant varnish, PORTION ASHTRAY stands out for its elegant simplicity and functionality. It becomes a central and communicative element in any social gathering where tobacco is shared, smartly solving the problem of group smoking when only one ashtray is available.

SEKU, a design by Francisco Mazo with profound meaning, is another product that was presented. Translated from Japanese, Seku means “intersection,” symbolizing the crossing of planes that occurs among all the elements that make up this product. From a minimal metal sheet and a simple fold, a mirror and vase set is created with architectural and sober lines. Its design does not invade space but elegantly adapts to any environment. SEKU invites the user to participate in the creative process by folding the piece and shaping it to their liking, turning the creative act into a participatory and personalized process.

MOCA’T is an elegant tissue dispenser, the result of the ingenuity and creativity of Núria Perea. With a practical ring for hanging, you’ll always have tissues ready when you need them. Simply place an open tissue pack inside MOCA’T’s “nose,” and they’re ready for use. If you need a tissue, just gently pull one out.

Last but not least, NRH, the clock designed by Alumni Joan Pahissa and Pedro Soveral, founders of Besonder Design, was presented to promote a more relaxed lifestyle. Every hour, this clock turns a paper leaf, creating a pleasant sound that contributes to the sensation of tranquility. The design of NRH is mainly made of maple wood, recycled plastic, and noble paper. Its distinctive element is that it marks the hours of the day by pressing the leaves against the metal indicator, generating a pleasant sound as they pass. Discover the harmony of NRH in your day-to-day life.

These products will be available at La Capell and are an exceptional choice for those looking to stand out in their Christmas gifts with unique and functional design pieces.