Ambassadors Network

The Elisava Alumni community is global, our alumni and students live and work in the 5 continents. With the aim of connecting talent made in Elisava internationally, we have developed the Alumni Ambassadors Network.

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JOAQUIN ACEVEDO, Ambassador Chile - Santiago de Chile in collaboration with FELIPE ORTIZ

CAROLINA ALZATE, Ambassador Colombia - Medellín

CARLA ANDERSON, Ambassador Ecuador - Quito in collaboration with ALEXANDRA MALDONADO

ANGAD BHARAJ, Indian Ambassador - Bangalore

MARTA CARO, US Ambassador - New York

CINDY DACCACHE, Ambassador Lebanon

LEIRE FRANCÉS, Ambassador Basque Country - San Sebastián

GEMMA IZUMI, Ambassador Japan - Tokyo

VICTORIA LANG, Ambassador Brazil - São Paulo

RODRIGO LÉPEZ, Ambassador Mexico - Mexico City

ADRIÁN MARÍN, Ambassador Costa Rica - San José

NACHO MARTÍ, Ambassador United Kingdom - London

MARC MÉNDEZ, Ambassador Sydney

JORDI MONTANER, Ambassador Dongguan City – Xina

HUGO MOREIRA, Ambassador Portugal - Guimarães, Oporto

JORGE RESTREPO & VIVIANA GÓMEZ, Ambassadors Colombia - Bogotá

RUTHY ROSENHECK, Ambassador Tel Aviv, Israel

JOSE FERNANDO SANCHIZ, Ambassador Panama - Panama City

HANSEL SCHLOUPT, Ambassador France - Paris, Montpellier


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