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Visit the exhibition of Col·lec «Here» during La Mercè 2016

Date: -
Hour: From 9PM to 12AM (Thursday), from 9PM to 2AM (Friday and Saturday)
Place: Fabra i Coats. Fàbrica de Creació (Sant Adrià Street, 20, Barcelona)

Col·lec, a collective formed by several students and alumni of ELISAVA and other design schools of Barcelona, has been selected to take part in MAC Festival, which will take place this week within the programme of the La Mercè festivities in Barcelona.

Col·lec presents its project «Here», an immersive exhibition that is a combination of four swingers that interact with the user through light and sound impulses depending on the user’s force of swinging. An action that will allow the visitors revive child memories.

We base ourselves on that youth is commonly related to a certain age range, but we don’t believe in it”, they say from Col·lec. “The attitude is what matters. ‘Here’ was developed in order to recall memories and experiences of the childhood we carry inside. The formula is very simple and everybody can join and comprise it”.

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European initiative

The project, which is made in collaboration with the programmers Helena Bantulà and Guillem Galimany, emerges thanks to “Creative Ring Challenge”, European initiative to promote Fiware technology. With this proposal, Col·lec was chosen and given a grant in order to develop a prototype that was presented in the latest Sònar+D 2016 together with other four projects. Among them there were the ones from Álex Posada and Domestic Data Streamers, also alumni of ELISAVA.

If you want to know more about this, we invite you to test «Here» this week, between September 22nd and 24th, at Fabra i Coats. Art factory. Free entry.

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About Col·lec

Col·lec was born in 2013 with the intention of promoting the initiative and creativity outside the academic field and of creating future professional bonds between students. It is a young creative team and a multidisciplinary studio located in Barcelona, the collective creates interactive experiences through events, workshops and exhibitions, by mixing art, technology and science.

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