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Intellectual property, steps to bear in mind in order to protect your project

Hour: 19h
Place: Aleix Carrió Room (1st floor) ELISAVA (La Rambla, 30-32)

The following 1st June, by the hand of Mario Sol, we will learn the aspects to bear in mind in order to protect your projects, ideas or products. This talk, organised by Elisava Alumni, is carried out coinciding with ELISAVA – La Capell call to indentify products, made by students and Alumni Bold, in order to be exhibited and sold in the store of Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Barcelona (Barcelona’s School of Architects).

From Elisava Alumni, we have organised two sessions related to the aforesaid call with the aim of facilitating tools about two fields that are especially relevant when it comes to think in creating and selling a product: self-production (that was already made the last 12th May 2016) and intellectual property.

Knowing the various options and limits that the intellectual property considers is an aspect of interest to any professional who wants to protect his or her creations. The session will be organised in three big parts:

  • Preventive protection of the designs. How to protect my ideas.
  • Commercialisation. Do I sell it or do I license it?
  • Reactive Protection. How to defend myself from copycats?

Activity in spanish opened to all ELISAVA’s community. Confirming assistance through the attached form is required.

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