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Exhibition 'Design Does. For better and worse'

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Place: Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38 08018 Barcelona)

'Design Does' Exhibition

Opening: Friday 23 March, 7 p.m., Museu del Disseny

The exhibition entitled 'Design Does. For better and worse', has been co-produced by ELISAVA and the Barcelona Design Museum. Design does reflect on how design shapes and meets the global challenges of our society. The exhibition invites us to analyse and question the responsibility of design and its impact on society, industry, human beings and cultural values.

Curated by ELISAVA and Domestic Data Streamers, a Barcelona start-up made up of ELISAVA's former students which explores new communication formats through data, 'Design Does' analyses the role that design plays in today's society, a design whose eagerness to improve the world has a positive impact, though occasionally has a negative effect on our environment.

The exhibition revolves around 15 questions linked to topical issues and future challenges such as sustainability, connectivity, consumerism, innovation, new materials and disadvantaged groups:

  • Where do things come from?
  • How are we going to feed 10 billion people?
  • Can we live without plastic?
  • How can a material change our lives?
  • Can we design what is not seen?

Each of these 15 questions is answered by a specific project, developed by local or international designers, which brings an unconventional approach. The exhibition does not aim to define what design is but rather to question universal issues and the role designers play and will be playing as humanist and strategic solution providers and agents of change.

The exhibition boasts a very high technological component and is conceived as a dynamic interaction and experimentation space that promotes dialogue with visitors. It is through a system of real-time data collection and display that visitors will interact with the items and share their sensations, reactions and opinions. Design Does breaks with the usual structure of exhibitions in monologue format and empowers visitors, who through their contributions, will take part in content creation.

'Design Does' will change and evolve each day through these contributions, which will become part of the collective reflection constructed from day to day and which will reflect the challenges that, according to the public, design will have to face in the future. The exhibition will thereby promote the generation of knowledge for nourishing transdisciplinary design practices.

The alliance between the Barcelona Design Museum and ELISAVA on a project of this scale strengthens the positioning of design and research through design as key tools for innovating and offering sustainable solutions for building a better future. The exhibition also brings the general public a more dynamic and current vision of design.

Free admission

'Design Does' Forum

As part of the Design Does exhibition, we organise several conferences that gather different perspectives from outstanding fields such as the academic, business, and scientific world. Addressed to professionals and students of creative disciplines, the main objective is to explore, think and discuss how the global challenges that the world is facing are shaping the future of design.

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International Days of Deans and Experts

Together with the unique participation of 25 Deans and design experts of the most important and prestigious worldwide design and art schools, ELISAVA presents the International Days of Deans and Design Experts, that will take place on 4-5-6 April 2018 in Barcelona.

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Co-production: ELISAVA and Barcelona Design Museum

Curators: ELISAVA Research (Laura Clèries) and Domestic Data Streamers (Pau Garcia and Dani Pearson)

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