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Exhibition for the 10 years of the Master in Photography by ELISAVA

Hour: 7pm
Place: Sala Àgora. ELISAVA (La Rambla 30-32. Barcelona)

Works by Alice Cannara and by Helena Ortiz.

On Wednesday, February 15 at 7 pm, opens the exhibition “Stories. And the photographs”, which will remain for a month in the room Agora of the School of Design and Engineering, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Master in Photography and Design of ELISAVA.

The exhibition is presented as follows: “Maybe a photograph that tells a story could be beautiful, decorative. But if it has a story, it’s not for its aesthetic properties, but for new perspectives that the world offers, sometimes a little bit peculiar. Stories told through what we cannot see, from the invisible, because what’s left hidden, what’s not shown and doesn’t appear on the photograph; it’s what makes a good image, a magnificent photograph”.

The programme of the Master in photography of ELISAVA bases its methodology on the emphasis on visual research through creative practice in all the stages of the photographic process, from the theoretical and practical comprehension of different approaches and knowledge of the technological processes, abilities and concepts to the interpretation and dissemination of the photographic project.

Aware of the importance of the image in society and culture of the 21st century, not only as a working tool, but also as an effective mean to communicate ideas and concepts, this programme is focused on the ability to assemble ideas through the production of photographic projects and on the rigorous and critical understanding of the market’s context and the photographic contemporary representation.


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