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ELISAVA students reinterpret the Catalan contemporary art in the «(re) Visiones» exhibition

Place: Can Framis (C/Roc Boronat, 116)

«(re) Visiones» is a photographic intervention made by the students of ELISAVA’s Master in Photography and Design in collaboration with the Vila Casas Foundation. This project shows a multidisciplinary approach to the contemporary visual creation, by exploring the architectural field and the pictorial collection of Can Framis Museum.

This project takes into account the physical presence of the body as an element and inherent and inseparable agent of the architectural, social and pictorial experience of Can Framis, and as a file and distinction of the lived experiences, focusing its attention on different contexts that form the body.

«(re) Visiones» is inspired by different works of the Can Framis Museum collection, by reinterpreting them from multiple and divergent points of view, by using the image as a tool and a mean to (re)interpret and research both the pictorial work and the architectural spaces of Can Framis.


Students of ELISAVA’s Master in Photography and Design: Xavier Boet, Alice Cannara Malan, Kitsanee Charoensawat, Ariadna Comas, Faiza Farooq, Maria Galindo, Janet Greco, Amy Helminiak, Susanna Järn, Katharina Kayser, Siqi Li, Zhiying Li, Helena Ortiz, Sergio Ramírez, Matteo Sampaolo, Olivia Félix, Saadya Tallat, Julika Wiggers i Hannah Woolf.

A project of ELISAVA’s Master in Photography and Design.

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