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ELISAVA at Milano Design Week: Next Design Innovation

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Place: Fuorisalone (Zona Santambrogio. Via San Vittore, 49, Milà)

ELISAVA lands at Milan Design Week with «Next Design Innovation» exhibition

The university presents two creatively major design and engineering projects to the world: “Decoding Creativity Experimenting with Chaos”, at Ventura Lambrate; and “Next Design Innovation”, an initiative promoted by the Region of Lombardy and the Polifactory of the Politecnico di Milano and developed with the support of the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. Both projects -presented at the Milan Fuorisalone, one of the most important design events in the world - underscore ELISAVA’s firm commitment to innovation-based design and engineering.

Next Design Innovation

«Next Design Innovation» is an exhibition that will showcase six innovative projects developed by young designers under the age of 35, trained at ELISAVA, together with another 15 projects developed by young professionals from the Region of Lombardy. Catalonia and Lombardy represent two of the four regions described as European “engines of production” in design.

«Next Design Innovation» aims to highlight the relationship between design and new technologies, both in terms of new digital production and manufacturing systems given designers’ self-production, and from the perspective of hardware integration and software programming. The ongoing search for new materials also enables excellent integration of these technologies into the products.

The call that launched in both regions aimed at the real prototyping of ideas, using the professional experience, spaces, facilities and equipment (3D printers, CNC and laser cutting machines) of ELISAVA for Catalonia, and those of the Polifactory of the Politecnico di Milano for Lombardy. «Next Design Innovation» therefore generates opportunities for interchange, resulting in the joint exhibition during Milan Design Week in April 2016.

In Catalonia, ELISAVA launched this call in partnership with ACCIÓ (the Catalan government agency for business effectiveness) and CCAM (Consocio de Comercio, Artesanía y Moda de Cataluña - Consortium for Trade, Craftwork and Fashion in Catalonia). Both agencies are affiliated to the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. Their support to this project forms part of the Programme for Fostering Design Trades and the Industrial Strategy for Catalonia.

From left to right, standing: Miquel Tejero (Boo in Barcelona), Alberto Martínez (Boo in Barcelona), Saúl Baeza (HUNCH), Álvaro Goula (Goula/Figuera), Oriol Gener (Boo in Barcelona) and Bruno Peral. From left to right, seated: Gerard Arqué (Boo in Barcelona), José Riesco (Boo in Barcelona), Raquel Llaberia (HUNCH), Pablo Figuera (Goula/Figuera) and Teresa Baena. Note: image missing Kiwi Bravo's representatives, Raúl Arribas and Gonzalo Sánchez De Lollano.

Projects from Catalonia chosen for this year’s edition

Project: Vanity

Creator: Bruno Peral Bey

Area: Furniture, furnishings and lighting

Content: Vanity is an elegant lamp inspired by the pleated skirts of the 1950s, whose light can be controlled remotely with any “smart” device. Thanks to the technical characteristics of the Spinnaker fabric which is often used to produce yacht sails, this lamp is very versatile. Since it can be printed with different kinds of ink (UV, solvent, latex and dye-sublimation printers), we can customise its design and adapt it to any space.

Project: Visum

Creator: Teresa Baena

Area: Objects and hand tools

Content: Visum is a smart object for the home. It graphically visualises and blocks threats from electromagnetic fields coming from outside. The metallic particles inside the silver ink carry out the shielding, and the silver pattern printed on the fabric warns you of the intensity of the radiation present in any given space.

Project: Testing Connections

Creators: Saúl Baeza and Raquel Llaberia (HUNCH)

Area: Clothing and fashion accessories for work, sport and leisure

Content: Testing Connections is a "responsive" garment with integrated technology, that changes the physical and psychical perception of the vibrations from the telephone calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages and e-mails the wearer receives throughout the day. The garment transmits the vibrations of our smartphones for real-time relaxation or store them during the day and discharge them on arrival back home.

Project: Oii

Creators: Raúl Arribas and Gonzalo Sánchez de Lollano (Kiwi Bravo)

Area: Objects and hand tools

Content: The use of many objects is quite abstract these days, because of their technological complexity (the “black box” effect, in which you do not know what is going on inside). Oii proposes a series of three switches that go beyond the traditional ON and OFF. They can trigger different responses in multiple electronic devices, from a music player to a fan or a light source.

Project: Random Contact Machine

Creators: Miguel Tejero and Gerard Arqué (Boo in Barcelona) in partnership with Oriol Gener, Alberto Martínez and José Riesco

Area: Furniture, furnishings and lighting

Content: Random Contact Machine represents an offline social network for exchanging business cards. The project aims to demonstrate that at any social event with a specific group of people with similar interests, it is possible to randomly create professional contacts. It is an altruistic and unpredictable game to create relationships without recording the personal information of the users.

Project: Viride Project

Creators: Pablo Figuera and Álvaro Goula (Goula / Figuera)

Area: Furniture, furnishings and lighting

Content: A collection of experimental luminaires whose added function is to replace the sunlight needed for photosynthesis by the plants they illuminate. Artificial light and nature thus combine in a structure blending elementary lines and a spirit of sculpture. Viride Project offers two different receptacles for different types of plant: a plant pot with a substrate for aromatic or decorative plants and a rod structure for epiphytes (plants with aerial roots), such as Tillandsias.

ELISAVA will be also at Milan with Decoding Creativity Experimenting with Chaos

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