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ELISAVA at Milano Design Week: Decoding Creativity Experimenting with Chaos

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Place: Ventura Lambrate (Via Ventura, 14, Milà)

ELISAVA lands at Milan Design Week: Decoding Creativity Experimenting with Chaos

ELISAVA participates at Milan Design Week with two major creative projects: «Next Design Innovation» and «Decoding Creativity Experimenting with Chaos», a research project created by ELISAVA together with Ferran Adrià, based on the SAPIENS methodology developed by elBulliLab Barcelona.

Launched in October 2014 and continuing until 2017, the aim of the project is to understand all the facets that define a specific discipline, or in other words, to decode the processes that make it up. The aim in this case is to understand the design process and find the key concepts that enable us to decode and organise knowledge in this area. The exhibition in Ventura Lambrate will present the decoding of the creative process through the work of students enrolled in the Degree in Design, the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design, and the Master’s Degree in Product Design and Development at ELISAVA.

Twelve of the best final projects have been gathered together to show the hidden connections between emotions, territory, objects, people, time and technology. From industrial products to new materials, starting from sample objects from the past, the aim is to record, organise and explain how creativity deals with complexity and manages to crystallise order from chaos.

Participating projects

Project: Bon Aprofit

Student: Clara Balmaña

Tutors: Martín Ruiz de Azúa and Víctor Viña

Project: Folio

Student: Pablo Figuera

Tutors: Martín Ruiz de Azúa and Víctor Viña

Project: Smarter Phone

Students: Bernart Lozano and Rocío García

Project: Runes, la identitat d’un carrer

Student: Martina Nadal

Tutors: Albert Fuster and Diego Nakamatsu

Project: Rèmora

Students: Alejandro Plasencia, Roberto Pla and Joan Farré

Tutors: Núria Coll and Jéssica Fernández

Project: Jib-Ster

Student: Adrià Pedrosa

Tutors: Javier Peña and J.L. Aguilar

Project: HUNCH

Students: Saúl Baeza and Raquel Llaberia

Tutors: Martín Ruiz de Azúa and Luís Eslava

Project: Morph

Student: Oriol Bertomeu

Tutor: Javier Peña

Project: Glufo

Student: Ramiro Bruna

Tutor: Jéssica Fernández

Project: Mod

Students: Pol Alberich, Adrián Reigada and Paula Vega

Tutor: Josep Puig

Project: Nimble

Students: Fernando Montero, Alan Steinberg Niski, Eduard Carulla and Joan Niubó

Tutors: Josep Puig and Núria Coll

Project: Mae

Student: Humberto Iess

Tutors: Javier Peña and Pau Romagosa

ELISAVA will be also at Milan with Next Design Innovation exhibition

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