Event Alumni

Alumni - Professional Day #7 «New Business»

Hour: 7.30pm
Place: Fabra i Coats (Sant Adrià, 20. 08030 Barcelona)

Borders between designing and entrepreneuring are becoming closer, since turning a well founded idea into a business proposal is a matter of going one step further, enterpreneuring. However, enterpreneuring is not easy and sometimes the biggest obstacle is funding. How can we face it?

In this session, we presented different platforms and cases in which self-funding is the base for launching a professional project. Designers-enterpreneurs believe in their idea and have to transmit their motivation to the general public. Furthermore, microfunding platforms prove that corporative-based funding is possible.

Nevertheless, not all the microfunding platforms are the same, as they fundament their support according to the kind of project. Therefore, if you are thinking of looking for this kind of investment, you have to know where your project fits better: in cultural or social-based platforms, or in platforms for launching products based in collaborative consumption, etc.


  • Goteo is a social network that offers collective funding (financial support) and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructures, microtasks and other resources). It boosts the independent development of creative and innovative initiatives with social, cultural, scientific, educational, journalistic, technological or ecological purposes that generate new opportunities for improving society and enriching common goods and resources. www.goteo.org
  • Mhop is a platform that promotes the direct relation between designers and customers, offering an intermediate option between big distributors and interior design shops. www.mhop.es
  • Atípics is the first pre-incubator that makes the launch of positive ideas easier. Atípics has a triple mission: to stimulate and encourage responsible entrepreneurship among young people, to prepare people and projects; to tackle positive ideas with a great potential and to provide with solid projects the local entrepreneurship ecosystem; and to facilitate the agility, economization and effectiveness of the innovation and talent identification processes. www.atipics.cat

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