Event Alumni

Alumni - Professional Day # 2 «The Maker phenomenon and the selfproduction»

Hour: 7.30pm
Place: Cultural Centre Pati Llimona, Sala Maragall (Carrer del Regomir 3, Barcelona)

Elisava Alumni, the Association of ELISAVA Former Students, organises the second Professional Day of the 2015-2016 academic year, «The Maker phenomenon and the selfproduction», with the collaboration of Alexis Rom, Marc Morro and Alicia Rossell, the 19th March at 7.30pm.

In front of the serial production of the industries, the DIY (Do it Your Self) is paving its own path, and we are within the consolidation of the ‘maker’ phenomenon. We are in a period in which, together with inspiration and the willingness of creating something, either a dress, a jar or a mobile to be hung in the door, the ‘maker’ phenomenon consists of recycling objects that we do not use, working them and adding them a new usefulness or simply creating from zero, in our own way, the knowledge of the design tools.

The Maker Movement is focused on the collective exchange of knowledge and objects, given that it motivates the entrepreneurship with economic benefits in front of the sense, which is wider in what comes to the production and the centralized distribution availability and standard markets.

It is a new way that enables the affordability of handcrafted products, handmade but, in contrast with them, the entrepreneurs share new points of view apart from generating new objects which can be marketed in original and different ways.

On this occasion, we rely on the participation of Alexis Rom, graphic designer/illustrator in the Vostok Printing Shop, Marc Morro, product designer and founder of AOO - Barcelona, and on Alicia Rosselló, founder of Duduá, who with Elisa Riera, organise the "FESTIVALET”, an independent fair showcasing small-scale hand-made or manufactured products.

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