Event Alumni

Alumni - Invent your own business / How can ideas be turned into profitable businesses?

Hour: 7.30 pm
Place: MIBA – Barcelona Museum of Ideas and Inventions (Ciutat 7, Barcelona)

“I have an idea... can I also be an entrepreneur? What do I need in order to get started?” Well, as in everything in life, the first thing you need is to take the decision of doing it. We will get together at the MIBA (Barcelona Museum of Ideas and Inventions) in order to listen to the experiences of the people that had already dare to undertake their projects, and to tips from professionals that know really well the processes a start-up undergoes. We will revise the most common errors and some key steps that help to reach success.

How do I know if my idea is good? How is the innovation factor in my idea? Is it essential to develop a business plan? Where and how do I look for funding? To what degree have things changed with the arrival of the internet and how can I make the most of it? What is the importance of being surrounded by a good work team? Which roles must have the initial members of the team and how must I choose them? To what degree have things changed with the arrival of the internet and how can I make the most of it? These are just some of the questions we will answer throughout the first day, come with your own questions.


PEP TORRES. Pep Torres has a great experience as inventor of the most varied, original, and sometimes crazy things you can imagine. He has the profile of a Renaissance man and develops a professional activity as inventor, writer, musician, designer, consultant, lecturer, and collaborator in radio and TV. Since 2005 he runs his own invention and creativity studio, Stereonoise; an enterprise focused on the development of new products, on creative consultancy, an on generating media noise for its clients. He is also founder and owner of the MIBA – Barcelona Museum of Ideas and Inventions, the first permanent space of the world focused on the invention world.

FERRAN LLISTERRI EYRE. At the age of 18 he founded his first Internet firm www.unibuk.com, and at the age of 22 the second one www.yesweplay.com. Now, being 25 years old, is CEO at YES WE PLAY, employs 7 people, and is about to get an investment round of 400.000€. He studied Administration and Business Management at the UB, and was strategic consultant for Deloitte. He is an entrepreneur since he was very young, and his passions are the internet, sports, and the technology in general.

BORJA PIÑEIRO. He has experience in economic promotion, and in supporting the entrepreneur initiative in the field of design. He is Technical Engineer in Engineering in Industrial Design from the University College of Industrial Design of the University of A Coruña, Master in Product Design and Development from ELISAVA, and Postgraduate in Design Management from the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development. He currently works at the BCD, Barcelona Design Centre, where he coordinates and manages projects promoted through public-private initiatives in the field of creative industries.

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