Event Alumni

Alumni – Andròmina presentation

Hour: 7pm
Place: Mitte Barcelona (Bailèn 86)

The next Thursday 27th of November the presentation of the Andròmina project will take place in the Mitte gallery. It is a new editorial project carried out by three former students of ELISAVA, which shows creativity from another point of view.

The creators of this new publication are the design former students Albert Romagosa, Arnau Tàsies and Tai Sans. Andròmina is an old Catalan word, which is no longer used, to refer to junk. Through this title and the magazine subtitle, Un cahier sur la vie cachée des objets, we can guess that its conceptual axis will be the object.

Artists, architects, designers, photographers and other ideas men at international level will present us some curious objects and the stories hidden behind them, in a very personal and direct way. Andròmina has a very careful design and will be published twice a year, entirely in English.



[video:http://vimeo.com/110131522 width:580 height:490]

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