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1010 Ways to Buy Without Money comes back!

Place: Different places of Barcelona

1010 Ways to Buy Without Money returns on its 6th edition, an initiative with the participation of a large number of professors, students, former students and ELISAVA staff.

The aim of this Project is to emphasize the cultural and social aspect of the International Book Day, by turning it into a festivity for everyone. This original idea consists on selling books valued in “non economic prices”, making a good deed, giving a flower, giving a kiss, donating blood, making a massage to your partner or learning how to ride a bike.

The initiative goes through frontiers and other cities take part in this project, in addition to Barcelona. The news this year is that they will have an itinerant parade that will initiate its tour in Gracia and will tour some of the most symbolic points of the city. If you want to follow the route and know where they are in every moment, follow them on their Facebook page.

For more information, send an e-mail to hola@1010waystobuywithoutmoney.es

“Things aren’t free, but they can be bought without money”

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