AGUAIT, a project by students of the Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces to approach the river Mediona-Riudebitlles

AGUAIT is an ephemeral device for approaching the banks of the river Mediona-Riudebitlles, in the Alt Penedès region, designed by the students of the Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS). AGUAIT is a space for observation and attention to intensify our relationship with the landscape, giving importance to some perceptions such as the constant changes of light, the singing of the birds or the swift clouds.

Apart from being a space for contemplation of the environment, AGUAIT is also a platform that will host various activities such as talks, debates, acoustic concerts, recitals and story readings. The aim is to discuss water from different perspectives (cultural, technical, recreational, social) and to promote action to protect a resource that is as precious as it is fragile.

AGUAIT is a nomadic architecture that will visit, from June to October, the 6 towns that form part of the Camí del Riu (river path). Every three weeks the great temporary element and with it the activities of “The Culture of Water” will move to the next town, generating new links and relationships between the territory. The stone base that fixes the ephemeral structure, a unique bench for each town, will remain permanently in place as a trace and reminder of AGUAIT, as well as a call to host future actions of knowledge, enjoyment and care of the riverside environment.

The project is part of “The Culture of Water”, an initiative that focuses on water, promoted by the CEPVI (Centre for the Study of the Viticultural Landscape), with the Alt Penedès County Council and the town councils of the river path.


Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces

Faculty: Roger Paez, Jordi Queralt, Toni Montes

Students: Shayda Alsharif, Renata Bricio, Silvia Campanini, Ilayda Celep, Daan Daniels, Maria Font, Melanie Leon, Anna Meldraja, Nayeli Mendez, Luisa Mextorf, Francesca Moroni, Lorna Mulero, Paola Sala, Yakovina Syrianou, Hong-Kuan Wang, Abdelrahman Zahra

Promoter: CEPVi (Centro de Estudios del Paisaje Vitivinícola)

Supported by: Pinnae Foundation, Mediona Town Council, San Quintín de Mediona Town Council, San Pedro de Riudebitlles Town Council, Torrelavit Town Council, San Sadurní de Anoia Town Council, Subirats Town Council, Alt Penedès Regional Council, El Camino del Río

Collaborators: Penedès Tourism, Inaudit, Kunlabi