Workshop by Paula Ulargui and Carmen Malvar on textile biofabrication and sustainable fashion organised by the Master in Retail Design

19 Jun 23 — 19 Jun 23
Location Elisava (La Rambla, 30-32)
Schedule From 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Paula Ulargui Master Retail Design

Paula Ulargui (Loewe, Inditex) and Carmen Malvar (Elisava, Pratt Institute, Fundación CADA) will give the workshop ‘Biofabrication: the solution towards a more sustainable fashion’, organised by Elisava’s Master in Retail Design, coordinated by Marta Hardisson and aimed at students of the Pratt Institute in New York.

New materials and sustainable industry

Every day the climate urgency is more palpable, companies are having no choice but to invest in new ways to reduce the impact of their productions and we, as consumers, are finally becoming aware of this cause.

In fashion it is easy to conclude that the big changes have to come from big companies or firms, they are the ones with the resources and the ones that pollute the most, but this thinking is far from reality. As designers or artists, we underestimate the great power of change that we have in this industry and during this activity we will see examples that prove it. Sustainability will be guided by the new generations of young designers and artists. Our updated vision of the world has proven to be able to break, in many occasions, the barriers of the established to create new styles, materials and an innovative and progressing fashion industry.

The workshop will address textile bio-manufacturing as a solution to a sustainable industry, delving into the issues and values that gave rise to this movement. The manufacturing processes of these new materials will also be analysed, learning how to make a base bioplastic, from which the students will be able to go on to create their own fabrics and materials.

About Paula Ulargui

Paula Ulargui has been dedicated for years to researching new innovative, alternative and, of course, sustainable fabrics that can be implemented and redesign the world of fashion. She has worked as a director in biomaterials research projects, collaborated with artists and brands such as Loewe, and currently works in the circularity and sustainability department of Inditex.