Winners of the Elisava Professional Edition Awards 2021


The 8th edition of the Elisava Professional Edition Awards has once again rewarded the excellence and creativity of the best Master’s and Postgraduate projects. This initiative has once again had a very positive reception this academic year 2020-21, with the participation of a total of 40 works nominated by the directors of the Master’s and Postgraduate programmes. Once again, Elisava has awarded these prizes devised by the School with the aim of recognising the talent, dedication and excellence of Elisava students.

The Jury of this edition was formed by:

  • Ariadna Rousaud, Editor-in-Chief of Diariodesign.
  • Francesc Ribot, Head of the Graphic Design Department of the Degree in Design at Elisava.
  • Francesca Tur, CEO of Tendenciastv and Trends Researcher.
  • Luis Eslava, Head of the Product Area of the Degree in Design at Elisava.
  • Irene Pereyra, UX Designer and Founder of Anton&Irene.

The Jury selected 4 awards: 1 Gold and 3 Silver. And as every year, the Public Prize was also awarded, as a result of an online public vote. The winners were announced during the Master’s and Postgraduate Graduation Party, which took place on 15 September at the Barcelona International Convention Centre – CCIB. We’ll tell you about them below:

Winner projects Gold Category

Post Luxury
By Marni Bowman
Programme: Master’s Degree in Design through New Materials

Jury’s decision: For choosing oysters, a paradigmatic icon of luxury, for his project and for using their waste, which no one had ever taken into account before, to create a new material. For the research carried out, the emotional and personal approach and the experimental nature of the project. Marni has created this circular material that fits perfectly into a contemporary post-consumerist society.

Silver Category

Far Away, So Close
By Tiago Rosado, Dalia Al-Akki, Jana Antoun, Juan Arizti, Assil Naji, Marta Borreguero, Elena Caubet, Inés Fernández, Tanvi Gupta, Stephanie Ibrahim, Tracy Jabbour, Yunling Jin, Jad Karam, Selen Kurt, Alexa Nader, Joelle Nader, Mokshuda Narula, Eirini Sampani, Kuan Yi Wu, Montserrat Sevilla, Brentsen Solomon
Programme: Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces

Jury’s decision: For creating an ephemeral installation in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic that is very intuitive and for all audiences. The project presents an easy solution to the problem of loneliness in these times of social isolation. The installation is very subtle, understandable and easy to use.

Silver Category

By Paula López-Nuño
Programme: Master’s Degree in Data and Design

Jury’s decision: For carrying out a very powerful theoretical analysis and research work on artificial intelligence and new forms of communication with robots. For highlighting a problem that had not been taken into account, such as artificial intelligence with people with neurodevelopmental disorders (dyslexia, dyspraxia or autism).

Silver Category

The Politics of Dancing
By Joana Teixeira, Susana Xavier
Programme: Master’s Degree in Editorial Design

Jury’s decision: For presenting a very powerful audiovisual piece and analysing the culture of dance and dance by breaking away from all its clichés. For its commitment to dance as an instrument of change and social and political positioning. All this by creating an impeccable graphic and interactive piece.

Audience Award

It’s Circular
By Alejandro de Francisco, Carlos Moret
Programme: Máster en Diseño y Dirección de Proyectos para Internet (Postgrado en Diseño de Aplicaciones y Servicios para la Red)

The public has decided, once again this year, the winner of this category, which has obtained a total of 248 votes through the online platform Easypromos.

It’s Circular’ arose from the problems and needs that professionals in the creative industry have in storing the references and content that inspires them. In general, they use tools that do not store information in a visual form. The content ends up scattered on various platforms and there is a gap between the search for references and information and the beginning of the creative process in which users start to make combinations between the saved references. Our tool aims to unite these two parts, providing the user with a space where they can visually save any type of content and facilitate the start of the creative process, enabling interaction and combination between different references.