Undergraduate students Sara Barcons, Carlos Álvarez and Alma Mariscal present their work at the Brut! festival

05 Oct 23 — 06 Oct 23
Location Disseny Hub Barcelona (C/ Irena Sendler, 1)
Schedule Carlos Álvarez (10:25 am), Sara Barcons (12 pm), Alma Mariscal (3:45 pm)
Brut! Types per Minute

The first edition of Brut!, formerly known as Campus Blanc, arrives! An event in which the best design schools present their best final year, degree or master’s projects.

In this new edition, 20 students from graphic design majors and other associated disciplines will show us fresh, pure and creative projects. Among them we find three Elisava students who have just graduated and who will present their works in editorial design, conceptual graphic design and typography. They are the following:

‘Ultra Materiam’, by Carlos Álvarez (10:25 am)

Project born from the philosophical legacy of the Voyager mission, which sent a disk that encoded the identity of humanity to the edge of space. Based on this legacy, we reflect on how a person’s identity can be compressed. This project explores new ways of representing complex and abstract data related to human psychological complexity. Applying scientific theory, new ways of visualizing parameters to measure psychological aspects are demonstrated. More details

‘Types per Minute’, by Sara Barcons (12 pm)

Three-axis variable font used to represent health data. Each variable axis represents one of the three most important vital signs: body temperature, oxygen saturation, and heart rate. Using a pulse oximetry sensor and virtual monitor, vital signs are displayed in real time with variable weight, width and tilt typographic values. This allows information to be transmitted. Types per Minute uses data visualization, understood as a bridge between numbers and human understanding, and uses visual communication to simplify complex information and communicate it in a clear and concise way. More details

‘La crisis del tacto y el amor digital’, by Alma Mariscal (3:45 pm)

This project is intended to generate a debate about the increasing dependence on technology in romantic relationships and the resulting lack of physical contact. This reality comes to life through four editorials that explore cybersex, new ways of saying “I love you,” sensuality and hyperconnection. Therefore, this project addresses this topic from the perspective of real couples and their intimacy, based on the study of digital languages ​​such as selfies, text messages, emojis and stickers. The goal of this project is to actively raise awareness about new forms of digital intimacy and its expression. More details

Campus Blanc! It started as a section within Blanc!, where design students presented their final projects. Over time, this section underwent a process of development and expansion until it became an independent event of the festival. Thus, Campus Blanc! becomes Brut!, an event with its own identity.